our roots

Fern leaf

who we are

I'm Laura, I'm the lead soaper and the sole proprietor of this small family-based business.  Soap is my therapy, and my way to be able to be at home with my kids.  It is also my art, my love, and my fascination.  My deep love of the Pacific Northwest and my interest in creating products that come from that love goes back many, many years.

My sibling, Seb, and I grew up on a remote farm on the banks of two creeks in Western Washington, and our interest in local plants and their uses started very, very young.  We spent a huge amount of our childhood trekking through the woods, harvesting and wildcrafting, learning what was edible, what was poisonous, what was medicinal, and how almost any problem that was caused by one plant could be cured by another.  The happiest times of my youth were spent deep in the woods, side by side with my sibling, frequently covered in mud, picking nettles, ferns, dock, comfrey and plantain, climbing trees for licorice, and learning that our hearts had roots.

My mom was a hobby soapist at that point in time, and designed a bar to highlight our distinct differences, by marrying Seb and I's favorite scents in one bar.  Citrus, and Cedar.  Different, complimentary, and infinitely better when together.

I myself have been making soap seriously for over a decade, though it was over twenty years ago when I participated in making my first batch.  I have apprenticed under other professional soap makers, before realizing my drive to make my own, and my need for expressing my own love through my soap. 


My mission and goals revolve around two simple premises:

1. The Pacific Northwest is my home.  She is my constant inspiration and my joy.  I want to share that inspiration and that joy with others whenever possible.  If I make anything, I want it to come from the heart of myself.  ...and this is my true heart.

2. Self-Care isn't selfish.  Focusing so much on soap is where I find my peace and my center.  Soap isn't just about washing the dirt away.  It's about taking the time to do something nice for yourself.  To sooth yourself, and treat yourself.  Only after we have cared for ourselves and met our own needs are we ready to take on anything else.  It's a big stressful world.  Make sure you take care of you.