My Betty bar is an all natural rose bar inspired by my grandmother, who maintained the most beautiful rose bushes I've ever seen.  I spent many happy hours weeding and listening to the "snip" of her shears.

This bar is made with locally harvested roses, home made rose water, ground oatmeal, and bergamot and litsea essential oils.  Roses and oatmeal are both known to soften and soothe your skin, and the rose petals are an incredibly gentle, silky exfoliant.  Bergamot essential oil has a sweet floral/citrus aroma, and is used a mood-lifter and to help fight anxiety and depression.  This essential oil is also known to be anti-inflammatory, and to increase circulation.  Litsea is a light spicy citrus essential oil, known to fight fatigue, and also for it's skin-clearing benefits.

It is colored with a madder root infusion, and ground rose petals.