How could we be inspired by the Pacific Northwest without having a blackberry soap?!  Our Cascade Blackberry uses locally harvested wild blackberries, dried whole, ground and infused in oil, along with blackberry leaf tea.  Blackberry fruits are laden with vitamins A, C, and K, which have been known to help heal scar tissue.  They are also astringent and antioxidant, encourage cell growth, AND battle free radicles, making them an ideal superfood for your skin!  The powdered blackberry also creates a gentle exfoliant.  The leaf is high in both vitamin C and iron, and helps alleviate rashes and inflammation.

A touch of blackberry fragrance, with a light purple shade emparted by infused alkanet root guarantees that this Cascade Blackberry bar will keep you young in both skin and spirit, being a favorite of both children, and the child at heart.

Cascade Blackberry