Our Fisher's Fennel bar contains anise and sweet fennel essential oils, ground locally harvested licorice root and activated charcoal.  The aroma is earthy black licorice, both sweet and pungent.

We call it the Fisher's Fennel for two reasons, firstly being that fennel, aniseed and licorice are known to be scents that attract both fish and crab.  I've had many fishers swear that using it before fishing improves their catch, and also fennel has strong antimicrobial properties which are known for removing strong scents, especially from hands and surfaces, making it an ideal bar for after cleaning fish, and also a great kitchen bar that has the ability to lift the smell of not only fish, but garlic, onions, and other lingering aromas from your hands.  The activated charcoal is detoxifying, while also increasing the scrubbing power of this bar.

It is warming, cleansing, and one of our most popular selling bars.


Fisher's Fennel