The Gardeners Bar is multipurpose, for gardeners, by gardeners!

We know that weeding and digging in the our gardens can be tremendously drying for our hands, and many gardeners tend to having cracking, stressed skin on our hands, and dirt stains that are hard to remove from fingers, nailbeds and palms.  Our Gardeners Bar employs a variety of additives to help with these specific issues.

Powdered luffa helps lift out stubborn stains and dirt, without being too rough for sensitive skin, while ground comfrey heals and nourishes aching muscles and dry, cracking skin.  Adding extra castor oil to this bar makes it super moisturizing for thirsty skin, and the blend of lavender and lemon essential oils is calming, healing, clarifying and invigorating.  Perfect for both sensitive skin and tough, calloused hands, this popular bar is a winner and skin-pleaser!