When we say our soaps are made in and inspired by the Pacific Northwest, we're not just talking about the landscapes, vegetation, and forests (though those are a big part of it!), we're also talking about the people.  People from the PNW are sometimes stereotyped as liking certain things, and while stereotypes can sometimes be a negative thing, they can also be very accurate!  Our soaps cater to some of the types of folks we have living here in the PNW, which is where we get the Fishers Fennel, Hiker, and Gardener soaps.  Another thing Pacific Northwesterners are known for loving, especially us Washentonians, is COFFEE.

I am very much a stereotypical Washentonian in this sense.  I love my coffee, and drink it black and luke-warm (I know, I'm gross!), and it's part of my morning ritual and routine.

Our Jitterbug coffee scrub bar is always made with coffee from local coffee roasters, (either our friends at Rooftop Micro Roastery or Raven's Brew Coffee), and it's deep brown color is derived from being made with about 30 oz of strong-brewed coffee, the ground of which are added to the bar, and then more fresh ground coffee on top.  The caffeine from the coffee can actually be absorbed topically through the soap, making this bar your "extra cup" in the morning, or sometimes it can cover that daily fix when you don't have time to fill your mug (horrors!).  Caffeine is also a powerful antioxidant, and is known for reducing redness and tightening your skin, and these benefits in our bar are heightened by the addition of dark cocoa, which is known to tighten, moisturize and also for it's antioxidant qualities. The coffee and chocolate add quite a bit of aroma on their own, but this is one of the few bars we do actually use a fragrance oil in, so that we can get the true bouquet of a classic cup of Pacific Northwest coffee.  Our addition of fragrance gives this bar a rich balanced aroma of fresh-roasted coffee, chocolate, almond and coconut, with sweet notes of fig, cherry and caramel, reminiscent of the first whiff of your first cup... invigorating and uplifting, this exfoliating, energizing bar is the perfect way to start your day.