All of the nettles in our soap (also known as stinging nettle) are locally, ethically, and carefully wildcrafted here in the Pacific Northwest, which makes this bar one that we sell "as supplies last", since we cannot harvest nettle after a certain point, usually in late spring or early summer.  We harvest them young, and pale green, always leaving roots intact.  The nettle is one of the first harvestable local plants of the season, and is packed with iron and other vitamins that are good food for both your body, and your skin.  It has been known to help with acne and inflammation, and when used as a shampoo can encourage shiny hair, and new hair growth.  The fresh leaves have thin, hair-like barbs that in older plants can be very irritating for skin, but picking them young, drying and adding them to soap makes it so your skin and hair can directly enjoy the benefits of nettle, without the sting for which it is so well known.

We enhance the astringent, skin-soothing properties of the nettle leaf itself with a blend of herbal essential oils, such as rosemary, thyme, spearmint, and clary sage, and a touch of spirulina enhances the pale green color we derive from the nettle itself.