The benefits of honey for your skin are phenomenal!  Healing, nourishing, antibacterial, antioxidant and moisturizing, honey has lauded as being able to heal acne, prevent aging, and give your skin a healthy glow for millenia, and the honey used in our Oatmeal + Honey bar is always purchased locally from conscientious bee keepers.

This bar is miracle-worker for grouchy skin, with that incredible local honey combined with rolled oats, which is another powerhouse for soothing itching and inflammation, oatmeal also has it's own antioxidant and emollient properties help to create a bar that moisturizes and soothes, while protecting and healing your skin from harsh pollutants.

The rolled and ground oats together provide a very gentle and soothing exfoliant for both sensitive and oily skin.

Oatmeal + Honey