This is one of my favorite bars, it kind of encompasses our whole ideal.  My goal in this bar was to make it smell like a hike in the woods.  Like what the wind carries to you when you're out on a trail, deep in the heart of the PNW.

It's blend of woody tree-based essential oils carries a balance of sweetness, sharpness, and rich warmth.  It is to me, a very comforting aroma, one that brings back amazing memories and a feeling of being at home.  Cedarwood is known to be soothing and relaxing, a natural stress-reliever (maybe this is why so many of us love to hike!), while pine is antiseptic and antimicrobial, and is used to help soothe itchy, dry and irritated skin.  Fir is known to help with sore muscles and to open and soothe your respiratory system, especially when used in a hot shower.

Rosemary seems unexpected in this blend, but it's rich woody aroma helps to marry all the others together, and it is also a powerful healing herb that has been used for many centuries.  It is known to relieve stress, increase mental clarity and focus, and even soothe headaches.  This bar contains both ground rosemary and rosemary essential oil, as well as locally wildcrafted wild mosses, which have also been used in healing treatments for many years.

Lightly exfoliating, mentally clearing and uplifting, this bar is all about Pacific Northwest self care.

Olympic Forest