The Siblings soap is a very special bar.  It's a blend of cedarwood, sweet orange, and litsea essential oils, balancing and uplifting, and is the bar that Citrus + Cedar Soap Co. got the inspiration for our name from.  A blend of the two favorite scents of two special siblings, this bar is balancing, and uplifting.  It brings both grounding, and hope.  Moss was locally harvested, dried, ground and added to this bar, along with dried orange slices, which gives this bar a lot of vitamin C for nourishing your skin.  As always, our colorants are all-natural, spirulina and turmeric is what gives this bar it's deep orange and green swirls.

Imagine climbing high into the branches of an old-growth cedar tree, settling back against it's rough trunk, pulling a ripe orange from your pack, and the moment when you break into the peel, and smell the sweet burst of juice and oils, mixed with the grounding forest aroma of the cedar.

Yeah, it's like that.