Our Wish bar is inspired by the wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest, and features two of my favorites: dandelion, and cornflower.  Everything about this bar is light and hopeful.

Dandelion is considered a pest by many, but this common flower serves as the first food for our pollinators, and was an early food for indigenous peoples of the area.  They are a natural source of vitamins E, A, K and C.  They are also a great source of iron and calcium, which are both important for your skin, and beta carotene, which is a known anti-oxidant.  They are known to be anti-inflammatory, and ressearch on the dandelion has indicated that it can increase hydration and and collagen production.

Cornflower is frequently used in a variety of beauty practices, as it is soothing, astringent, and brightening for tired skin.  It is known to decrease infammation, fight infection, tone, and condition skin.  Cornflower (also known colloquially as 'Bachelor's Button') is known to be very gentle and is a popular addition to sensitive skin products.

This bar is lightly tinted with turmeric for a pale yellow shade, and carries a soft scent of litsea essential oil, which has been shown to reduce excessive sebum, and cleanse pores.  It is used to treat many skin conditions, and works well as a natural deoderant.  Aromatherapeutically it is known to improve mood, relieve fatigue and help to alleviate stress and anxiety.